About Us

Experiencias EQ is a cultural platform that concentrates services related to music and dance, achieving the different actors integration. With our service we promote the positioning of different groups, companies, academies, studios, teachers, etc. through our communication channels. We manage different spaces for optimal use and in general, we create an ecosystem of services in which all allies win and the end user has a quality service at a fair price.

Over 10 years have allowed us to build strategic alliances in the music and dance business.  Thanks to these alliances, we hope to offer the best quality in the following services:

  • Group and private dance classes in all rhythms.
  • Choreographic training groups for exhibition and competition.
  • Room rental for dance classes and rehearsals.
  • Special choreographies for events (birthdays, marriages, corporate events, etc.)
  • Professional and amateur dance shows.
  • Musical groups in different formats.
  • Sound and lighting equipment for events.

Experiencias EQ is an organization that emerges to make more flexible the use of spaces in the different academies and dance studios, contributing to the recognition of new artistic talent in the city.

We believe in healthy competition, collaboration, teamwork, and respect for cultural tradition. Our idea is simple, "let the cobbler stick to his last". Teachers focus on teaching, dancers on dancing, and Experiencias EQ on managing business relationships between different artists.