Corporate Classes

Clases Empresariales In any company it is essential to have a good working environment, stimulate teamwork and companionship. Any investment in promoting these elements will return to the company in the form of work team performance.

The business class program is custom designed according to the needs of the company, seeking as benefits:

  • The improvement of the work environment.
  • The integration of the work team.
  • Health and well-being of the team and their families.

We have some standardized costs but we can adjust to your business needs.

Basic Rates

One session per week of up to 2 hours at the company's facilities:

  • Per session: $120.000
  • Monthly (4 sessions by month): $450.000
  • Quarterly ( 12 sessions ): $1.250.000
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  • Applies to businesses in Medellín, if the location is in other municipality within the metropolitan area, a transport surcharge would be caused. Outside the metropolitan area a full quote has to be done..
  • Payment must be made in advance when it is per session or monthly, in the case of the quarter a 50% payment can be made to start and the remaining 50% prior to the 5th session.
  • The company must provide the sound and adequate space for the class sessions.
  • The maximum group is 20 people, for larger groups an additional charge will be generated and the class will be held with an assistant teacher.